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Instructions For Use

To obtain the maximum effect of the digital drugs and brain wave entrainments provided here at Digital Drugs .info, we recommend using high quality headphones. headphone recommendations: V-MODA, Sennheiser or Bose

1. Drink some water prior to your experience. Brain wave entrainment slightly increases your metabolism and can make you thirsty during your digital drug or brain wave entrainment experience.
2. Make sure that you are relaxed.
3. Adjust your mp3 player equalizer to a heavy 'Bass' setting. Too much treble can offset the effect by increasing the background sounds over the actual digital drug tones.
4. Sit or lay down. Try not to move around. Moving too much can interrupt the target brain wave pattern.
5. Keep your mind focused on relaxing and enjoying your experience as much as possible. Start your session at a time when you will have no distractions or interruptions.
6. Listen to the digital drug or brain wave entrainment for the full length of each track.
7. When the digital drug or brain wave entrainment has finished, continue to relax and allow yourself to feel the effects.

Repeat these steps each time you want to experience your digital drugs or brain wave entrainments. The more you experience your digital drugs or brain wave entrainments, the stronger the effect will be.

The effects of digital drugs may not be particularly strong during your first or second experience. Our research has shown that you must listen to a digital drug at least 3 times before maximum effects can be felt. If you are experiencing digital drugs for the first time, keep an open mind and remember that the effects will be stronger for you the more you use them.

When you have become accustomed to the digital drugs provided here at, you will learn that you can reach a point to where you can walk around or perform small activities while experiencing your digital drugs !