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MUST READ does NOT condone the use of illegal drugs or the abuse of prescription drugs for any reason or purpose. The digital content that is available for download at is purely sound that has been manipulated to induce specific effects while providing a beneficial enhancement of brain wave activities. The mind states that can be experienced while listening to our products have no lasting or permanent effect!

The Digital Drugs available for download at are not actual drugs but are digital files in MP3 format. However, these files contain sounds that produce very similar effects to those of drugs that are illegal. Keeping in mind the fact that defined and controlled drugs are tied to their medium rather than the effect, Digital Drugs are not actually drugs but rather digital media. strictly instructs the use of headphones and being at rest while experiencing our products that have been termed Digital Drugs.

Shipping & Returns is a virtual store. Nothing is shipped to you. Once your purchase is complete you will then have access to all the digital files that you have recently purchased. These files can be found in your account and you can download your purchased file 3 times before it expires. You can use purchased MP3 doses as many times as you want, but you are licensed to use them on only one computer. Additional computers will require a re-purchase of the dose(s). Because of the nature of binaural brainwave technology, there are no refunds on purchased doses through the Digital Drugs Web Store. These doses are sold AS-IS.

Privacy Notice

Very simply, will NEVER reveal your email address, shipping information, or any user-supplied information to anyone outside of the Digital Drugs company. We do not SPAM! We respect your privacy!