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It is a well known fact that music can alter your mood, emotions, attitude and mindset. Sad songs can make you cry, while catchy, upbeat songs can make you feel excited and energetic. If we want - we can call it brain entrainment...

"Can sound be used to create the same effects that illegal drugs produce using binaural beats as digital drugs?"

That question may seem silly, but it is not. Through cutting-edge technology, we have manipulated binaural beats and ambient sounds designed to affect your brain waves - to do  brain entrainment. The results have produced effects that parallel the effects of drugs without the need for smoking, drinking, inhaling, injecting and damage to your body and health. Those effects are DIGITAL DRUGS . has successfully created the most potent digital drugs in the world.

How Do Binaural Beats Work?

For our Digital Drugs to work, you must use headphones. DIGITAL DRUGS are different sounds that are played in each ear. Your brain then combines the sound to create new frequencies. These new frequencies correspond to the brainwave frequencies that are produced when under the influence of specific drugs (Cocaine, Ecstasy, Marijuana, LSD, etc.)

There are many different brain wave frequencies. Brainwave frequencies are directly related to different mind states like relaxation and moods. Digital Drugs synchronize your brainwaves with the sounds you hear, which alters your mental state to accurately simulate the effects of many drugs used for medical and recreational purposes. Anyway you should remember - DIGITAL DRUGS | Brain Entrainment | Binaural Beats will not damage your health and are not adictive!!!

We provide digital drugs that induce altered mind states which parallel the effects of many drugs that are available legally such as over-the-counter drugs, as well as recreational substances that are controlled and are classified as illegal. But digital drugs are not illegal! So however, the products that we provide are NOT illegal in any way! There are no laws that exist anywhere in the world against digital drugs | brain entrainment | binaural beats. Our DIGITAL DRUGS are simply beneficial sound that is available for download after purchase.

"Can 'Brain Entrainment' be used to help enhance my mood or mind state?"

Brain wave entrainment is a safe and effective way to help you relax, relieve you of stress and enhance your sexual experiences.

Digital Drugs .info provides the highest quality brain wave entrainment sessions available. Our stress relief and mind enhancement brain wave entrainment sessions are equally as effective and potent!